Emily Baedeker

Founder of Florette and Magic Making Hair Stylist

Emily is the founder of Florette Salon and Shop in Hayes Valley. She comes to the chair with over twenty years of salon experience, spent mostly in San Francisco, whose vibrant culture and colorful architecture continues to inspire her work. In 2010 Emily started to experience health problems as a result of repeated exposure to the toxic chemicals used in everyday salons. She thought about the repercussions of repeated toxic exposure, not just for herself, but also for her fellow stylists and their clients, and knew she had to make a change. She has been committed to working with non-toxic and organic, naturally based products ever since. She was the first colorist to master balayage and hair painting techniques using organic, ammonia free hair color. She now educates and empowers other stylists to make the change and ditch the dirty chemicals. Florette is both a brand of natural hair products that really work, and a salon. The name Florette comes from the silicone free shine serum that Emily spent two years developing

Because magical things often happen when you’re answering your creative calling, no sooner was Florette the product line born, than the opportunity to open Florette the salon came about.

Emily believes that as humans, our natural fascination with and pursuit of beauty shouldn’t mean jeopardizing our physical and emotional health. Her philosophy is that beauty at its best is a playful, creative, and individual form of self-expression.

What Emily does best:

Works with what your mama gave you. As a stylist she plays off of her clients’ natural assets, bringing out their best features, cutting classical and natural shapes that hit that magical sweet spot between high fashion and low-maintenance upkeep. She favors styles that air dry beautifully and require minimal product, and happily shows clients how to style their hair at home.

Offers safe effective alternatives to traditional chemical laden hair color and product brands.

Paints seamless, natural looking, sun-kissed balayage highlights so you only have to have your hair done every 6-12 months.

Works with your grey instead of covering up. Helps you transition from solid grey coverage to low maintenance balayage or highlighting. This does not have to be blonde but works best with lighter color pallets.

Cuts soft layers and classic shapes that air dry beautifully. Shows you how to style your hair at home simply and easily.

Gives you the confidence to achieve the look that truly makes you feel like your most authentic self.

Fosters an atmosphere of relaxed, playful and inclusive expression. Both the stylists and clients at Florette feel at ease to be themselves, which is when we are truly at our most beautiful.


 Hair Cut


Bang Trim


Bang Trim + Dusting the Ends

aka a mini 15 min haircut done on dry hair when a full haircut is not needed. (New clients are not eligible for this service)


Root Touch Up

Organic, Ammonia Free Hair Color applied to the roots only. Finished with a blow dry or air dry style.


Single Process Color

Full roots to ends solid color. AKA Brown, Red or Black. Rich Shiny Organic Ammonia Free color. 


Partial Highlight or Balayage

Highlighting or fluid hair painting done around the face and at the part line using ammonia free rose scented lightener.. Includes an organic protein treatment  and gloss.

If you have never had highlights or balayage before please book a full highlight for your first appointment.


$395 with a haircut

Full Highlights or Balayage

A 1-2 times a year service at most. Your whole head is painted with beautiful  highlights using ammonia free rose scented lightener.  Includes an organic protein treatment and gloss.


Bleach Root Touch Up

For a dramatic statement blonde maintenance. Includes an organic protein treatment and a gloss. New clients and clients with more than one inch of roots: please book a "bleach and tone" for your first appointment.


Bleach and Tone

Full head of bleach plus a toner. Includes organic protein treatment and a gloss. A consultation is required for new clients. Please see contact page. 


Corrective Color

Is your hair color a hot mess? We can fix that. A consultation is always required.

$200 per hour