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Organic Hair Studio, Clothing Boutique and Natural Beauty Shop
Emily Baedeker

Emily Baedeker

Owner and Stylist

Emily comes to the table with 20 years of salon experience. She got her start in Beverly HIlls working under celebrity hair stylist Louis Licari. It was a great foundation but she quickly found out that LA was not her happy place. In 2000 she moved to San Francisco and fell in love with the vibrant culture and colorful architecture. She worked for years perfecting both her skills as a stylist and her ability to communicate and connect with her clientele.

In 2010 Emily adopted a healthier lifestyle and began to question the toxic nature of hair color and styling products. She vowed to find and master safer options. She was the first colorist to master balayage and hair painting techniques using organic, ammonia free hair color. She now educates and empowers other stylists to make the change and ditch the chemicals.

What Emily does best:

Offers safe effective alternatives to traditional chemical laden hair color and product brands.

Paints seamless, natural looking, sun-kissed balayage highlights so you only have to have your hair done every 6-12 months.

Works with your grey instead of covering up. Helps you transition from solid grey coverage to low maintenance balayage or highlighting. This does not have to be blonde but works best with lighter color pallets.

Cuts soft layers and classic shapes that air dry beautifully. Shows you how to style your hair at home simply and easily.

Gives you the confidence to achieve the look that truly makes you feel like your most authentic self.

Emily is the founder of Florette Salon and Shop. Florette started out as a hair product brand dedicated to making chemical free, organic products that really work. She spent 2 years trying to create a silicone free shine serum that really works. Then she threw caution to the wind and decided to open a salon so that she could better share her love of self expression and natural beauty with the world.


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